4 Simple Rules to Vaping While Driving

Mar 1, 2023

4 Simple Rules to Vaping While DrivingCruising down the road with a good ol’ puff from your vape is the ultimate vibe! Although this scenario sounds ideal, you must also rethink the guidelines to vaping while driving. Even if there are no certain laws for vaping in your vehicle, it is still very important to be considerate of those around you. Try to avoid the trouble of getting a ticket and follow these four simple rules:

Avoid Cloud Chasing While Driving

When puffing vaporizers, clouds are usually bigger and thicker; therefore, it is likely to lose sight of what is in front of you. Do not cloud chase in a vehicle with closed windows—open your windows and puff the vapor outside, so it does not linger in your car and block your vision.

Do Not Vape when Minors are in the Vehicle

NEVER vape in your car when a minor is in the vehicle! In several states in the US, is it prohibited to vape in a vehicle while minors are present. For example, in California, it is illegal to vape or smoke while driving with a minor in the vehicle. According to the State Law, this includes cigarettes and tobacco vaporizers. If you break this law, this could result in a $100 ticket fine.

Do Not Change Out Your Vape

Stay away from distractions! Don’t attempt to change the coils or settings of your device while driving. Try to avoid any sort of distraction, and most importantly, do not charge your vape while driving.

Stay Alert

Know the proper time to vape! Ideally, you should only take a puff at a stop light. To avoid problems, stay alert and focus on the road in front of you. Always drive safe and avoid accidents—a puff can wait!


It is our full advice to vape responsibly! By following these four rules, you will be respecting the law and everyone else around you. Vape the safe way and visit our website, SutraVape.com!