Can Oil Cartridges Expire?

Feb 1, 2023

Can Oil Cartridges Expire?It’s always a relief after taking a puff from your favorite oil cartridge. It is an assumption that you’ve possibly thought about enjoying a puff from an old cartridge—don’t do it! Oil cartridges expire, as you can easily tell with the decolorized over time.

In a scientific sense, the material in your cartridge comprises lipids and molecules whose bonds are not strong enough to uphold. When warmed up, oils break down their molecular bonds, causing the material to age. Over time, exposure to high heat temperatures will increase the oil's degradation. This cause may seem standard as heating the oil is the point of consumption. However, the degradation of your oils can also be caused by the outside of the cartridge. Some external factors that degrade the quality of your oils are:

Body Heat

Sometimes we don’t remember where we leave our cartridges, and at times you may have just left them inside your pockets. The oil material loses potency when body heat is transmitted through your pocket.

Exposure to External High Temperatures

A big NO is leaving your cartridge in your car or any other hot, enclosed setting—especially on a warm, sunny day. Avoid this habit at all times, as this will make your oils rancid.

Exposure to Light

Never leave your cartridge on a window sill or anywhere that exposes your oils to light—especially sunlight, which will quickly age the materials.


If you are wondering how to store your oil cartridges properly, it is best to store them in a chill, dark place. Another option is to keep your oils in a closed, sealed container—resealable jars and boxes would be great! Something with opaque, hazy sides is your best bet to keep your oil materials from sunlight. Another recommendation is to store your oils in the fridge, this helps shield the oils from oxygen and light. In the meantime, check out our vape pens at!