Five Vaping Tips for Hot Weather and Beach Use

May 8, 2023

Five vaping tips for hot weather and beach use with man holding Sutra Squeeze in front of blue skyAs summer approaches, we look forward to relaxing outside with loved ones and stepping on the sandy beaches! However, if you plan on vaping this summer, your vape may struggle in the heat and require extra care. But don't fret! These simple precautions can make your summer vaping experience a breeze. Here are some tips on how to properly vape during hot, summery weather:

Pack a Cleaning Kit

Despite being careful at the beach, sand may still enter your vape. To tackle this, bring a cleaning kit consisting of a soft brush, cotton swabs, and cleaning solution in a traveling size container. If sand does get into your vape, gently remove it with the brush and clean out any small spaces with cotton swabs.

Keep Out of Hot Sunlight

Keep your vape away from direct sunlight and avoid leaving it in a hot car, to prevent overheating and ensure safety. Additionally, a vape case or sleeve can also provide extra protection against heat damage.

Woman holding Sutra Mini on a beach blanket

Storing Vapes is Key

Making sure you store your vaporizer is kept in a cool, dark place, as its liquid can thin out and lose flavor in high temperatures. We’re sure no one wants to start vaping on a hot day and realize their favorite summer flavor has faded.

Stay Prepared at All Times

Don't forget to bring a beach towel or blanket when heading to the beach or park. This will provide a clean, level surface to rest your vape when not in use and help prevent contact with sand or other debris.

Stabilize Your Vape Properly

To prevent sand from accumulating in your vape, keep it upright. Keeping your vaporizer upright allows the liquids to stay even, so when you take a puff, airflow will be balanced. You can create a temporary stand using books, snacks, or water bottles if you don't want to hold it up constantly.

Remember these five tips for vaping during summer to ensure your sessions remain enjoyable even on hot, sunny days. And don't forget to check out our website,, for more portable vaporizer options!