How to Embrace Spring with a Sutra Vape

Apr 3, 2024
How to Embrace Spring with a Sutra Vape

As we emerge from the chilly days and nights of Winter, now is the perfect time to embrace the warm rays of Spring by getting outside with your vape and enjoying the seasonal beauty whenever you can! Let us help you out with our brief guide on 3 awesome Sutra vapes and 3 outdoor activities that work in conjunction to make sure you have a Spring full of adventure!

Man holding Sutra SILO Pro in front of a park trail

Hit the Trails with a Silo Pro

Lace up some proper outdoor footwear, pack some water, and grab your Sutra Silo Pro Cartridge Vaporizer to hit the trails like a true professional. No matter the type of park, forest, or canyon that you are hiking in there is nothing quite like marching your way through some rough terrain to get your primordial endorphins flowing. Wherever you decide to set out hiking make sure you let someone else know where you are going or better yet bring a friend along to better protect yourself from any curveballs mother nature may throw your way.

Take the all natural relaxation to the next level by tossing a Sutra Silo Pro into the mix to take advantage of its autodraw functionality for the most seamless of hits and passing between friends. The Silo Pro is the perfect vape to bring on any hiking trip thanks to its three built in heating settings (2.8, 3.4, and 3.8v) that allow for easy on the go switching up of your session and because of its increased size the Silo Pro is also able to fit cartridges up to 2g in size, allowing for extended sessions out in nature without the worry of depleting your oil mid trip.

Woman holding Sutra DBR Pro by a creek with luscious plants nearby

Morning, Day, and Night Outdoor Relaxation Maximization with a Sutra DBR Pro

Another perfect way to slow down your day and take some time to really embrace the warm air and blooming flowers is to pause your hustle in order to just sit contemplating. Whether you are enjoying a morning coffee on your stoop, balcony, or back yard there’s no better time to take out a Sutra DBR Pro and have a brief session. Wait till the Sun rises and you can spend some time soaking in rays by the pool while blowing clouds to embrace the serene tranquility of Spring days. Finally put a capstone on your day by watching the Sun slowly set while enjoying a couple of rounds from your DBR Pro and letting you plan your next day of adventuring.

Powering all of this Spring nirvana is the Sutra DBR Pro with its massive 1,500mAh battery, three built in temperature settings, and inclusion of three different premium coils to let you tailor your hits just how you like them. Able to stand up freely the DBR Pro is the perfect table top chilling device as you can freely hit it and put it down whenever you’d like. Thanks to ergonomic body design the DBR Pro is also great for passing around a group of friends for a session and thanks to its large battery you can be sure it will go as long as you need it to. All of these bells and whistles combine to make the ultimate Spring accessory to help you embrace the warm weather with a smile on your face!

Flex Your Green Thumb with a Sutra Mini Dry Herb Vape

With the arrival of Spring, nature's cycle is marching forward so there is no better time to start digging in the dirt and planting some flowers! No matter if you have a backyard fit for Versailles or a window ledge with sunlight, you have everything you need to embrace your inner green thumb and start adding some living breathing plant life to your home or space. Toss a Sutra Mini into the equation and suddenly you are gardening all the while enjoying the mellow relaxation of your favorite dry herb or concentrates.

To boost your day take a look at the Sutra Mini Vaporizer with its ultra compact portability combined with the absolute raw power of a 1600mAh LI-Polymer battery. Standing at just 3 inches tall by 1 inch wide, the Mini is great to have alongside you while you are out tending your garden or perusing the plants at a local plant nursery. As an added bonus for your outdoor seshing the Mini is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates thanks to an included quartz cup that is easily filled before slotting right into the dry herb over. No more fumbling between attachments or multiple pieces, the Mini lets you enjoy all your favorite materials in one piece. No matter what type of plant, shrubs, or trees you are working on, having a Sutra Mini by your side will make sure that this Spring is one to remember.

Spring Into the Clouds

Take a look at our online Sutra store now to grab the perfect vape for your Springtime outdoor adventuring! With great options that run the gambit from cartridges all the way to dry herb vaping there is sure to be something for everyone who wants to embrace the warmer weather vape in hand. Make sure to check out the rest of our thoughts and suggestions right here at our Sutra Vaporizer Blog!