New Sutra Vape SILO is Finally Here For You to Try!

Nov 16, 2022

The brand new Sutra SILO is an oil cartridge vaporizer disguised as a single-use, disposable vape. With its disposable aesthetic, the SILO does not include a power button, as it is automatically drawn with a single puff. Here are some key features of the Sutra SILO:

1. Auto-Draw Activation

The Sutra SILO features an auto-drawn activation, which means there is no single button for you to click on! Just give a simple inhale, and the SILO starts right away. To start its preheat functionality, inhale the device 2x, and to change its voltage settings, you will need to inhale 3x.

2. 2 Temperature Settings

If you are looking for a simple oil cartridge vape, then the new SILO is the device for you. The Sutra SILO features 2 voltage settings (Green for 3.0V & Red for 3.8V). With only 2 temperatures, the SILO is convenient and easy to use for all levels of vaping.

3. 510-Thread Connection

For easy-to-use attachment, the SILO includes a magnetic joint for tight seals. In addition, the SILO features a 510 connection for universal threading, making most oil cartridges compatible with the device.

Take the Sutra SILO anywhere you go with its portable and compact size! From its sleek design to its easy functionalities, the SILO provides the smoothest hits of your cartridges. The SILO comes in 6 different colors: Black, Blue, Full Color, Gunmetal, Pearl, and Silver.