Product Spotlight: Why You Need The Sutra Auto

Dec 28, 2022

Sutra Auto standing in front of dark background

Why make vaping difficult, when you can easily have a session with no hassle? The Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer makes puffing oils a no problem! Powered by a 390mAh battery, the Auto spotlights a variety of simple functionalities that you will find efficient, favorable, and trouble-free for any oil cartridge session. Here are some key features:

Full Color Sutra Auto in woman's hands with fingers around cartridge

Auto Drawn Puffs

If you like devices that are easy to use, then consider the Sutra Auto for your next session. The Auto does not include any button for you to press on, which associates to its title. In other words, the Auto produces mouth-to-lung automatic puffs.

Full Color Sutra Auto standing outside in front of planter

Magnetic Thread

The Sutra Auto utilizes a magnetic 510 attachment for universal threading. This device also includes protection and accommodates larger cartomizers for a wider range of use. Just twist its magnetic part onto your oil cartridge, and give it a snap on to the Auto. You’re ready to puff!

Black Sutra Auto in man's hands in front of a tree

Exterior Build

The Auto is discreet as can be! Great for portable sessions, the Sutra Auto is 2.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide. This device is also available in six different colors: Black, Blue, Full Color, Gunmetal, Silver, and Pearl.

Other Features

For an extra detail, the Auto uses a micro-USB port for rapid charging capabilities. In addition, this device provides LED light indicators that will turn red while at charge; those same lights will ongoingly flash 20 times when it is fully charged and ready for a long lasting session. The Sutra Auto package includes two magnetic attachments and a micro USB cable.


Enjoy consuming and puffing your oils with the Sutra Auto! This vaporizer will always keep you satisfied with your sessions and will never leave you disappointed. Just give your cartridge a quick snap onto the Auto and a simple pop for the smoothest puffs. Check out more oil cartridge vaporizers on In Sutra we trust!