Sutra Love Tips: Guide To Dating While Vaping

Feb 15, 2023

Sutra Love Tips: Guide to Dating While Vaping

It’s Valentine season—Love is in the air and so are the endless amount of puffs from your vapes! Dating can be awkward, but with our Sutra Love Tips, we provide you with advice that can help you stand out while still enjoying a session. Here are five tips on what to do while you are on a date:

Two vapers smiling at each other

Don’t Hide It

Be yourself! If you like to vape, then don’t hide the fact that you do. Keep in mind that you have to stay true to your interests. Let your date know that you like to vape here and there, and if she/he is not open to dating someone who enjoys vaping (or anything else that you like), then it is best to move on.

Annoyed girl looking at the camera with a vaper behind her

Don’t Vape While They’re Speaking

No one likes secondhand clouds in their face! Most importantly, listen to them when they are speaking—don’t just let out a puff while they’re telling you a story.

Two vapers puffing outwards in front of a wall

Show Them Some Tricks

If they like to vape, then show them some cool tricks! Vape tricks are a great conversation starter, so go ahead and teach them some few tricks that you know.

Pick A Good Flavor

Choose a vape flavor that will make you feel confident and more chill! Don’t buy a flavor that will give you a terrible after taste. A minty, fruit flavor would be your best bet.

Don’t Bring Up Vaping Too Often

Tell that special someone a bit more about yourself and not just your enjoyment of vaping. They would want to hear more about you and other hobbies that you love doing. Although vaping is cool and entertaining, try not to bore your date!


Being a vaper in the dating scene can be tricky, but following these guidelines can help you stay true to yourself while enjoying a good ol’ puff from your device. It’s important to consider your date’s perspective on vaping, so start off with introducing yourself and letting them know that you love to vape. Make sure to check out our portable vaporizers at!