Why You Should Invest In A Grinder

Dec 21, 2022

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In every herbal session, there is one thing that should never be left out—GRINDERS! If you live for dry herbs, you will need a grinder. Grinders are small, simple tools designed to break down and pulverize dry herbs into tiny bits and pieces to increase its potency. If you do not use grinders, the quality of your herbs goes to waste. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a grinder:

Sutra Grinder standing on office desk

Grinders Save You Time

You may not believe it, but grinders save you plenty of time while preparing for your session. Some believe that you can easily tear up dry herbs by using your fingers—wrong! Keep in mind that the stickier the bud, the more time you waste trying to pulverize them. If you invest in a grinder, any type of bud can be grounded in just seconds.

Better yet, papers and bowls packed with finely ground herbs tend to burn more slowly than poorly-ground alternatives, letting you savor the added flavor any good grinder allows. You just saved a few minutes by grinding your herb – why not put that time to better use?

Grinders Don’t Let You Waste Your Herbs

You should know that one of the key features of grinders is that they collect and catch kief! Many grinders are known to capture every bit of your herbs. Many grinders include kief-catchers to gather pollens for a more smooth and more potent roll.

Kief-catchers are featured on the bottom of the grinder’s central components, and also let the fine, powdered herbs sift from your grinder’s chamber to divide them into portions.

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Grinders Give A More Distinct Flavor

When it comes to dry herb sessions, taste and flavor are always important factors. Let’s face the facts, grinders bring out herbal flavors distinctly. Puffing ground dry herbs highlight the natural flavors of their aromatic compounds. If you open the main chamber of your grinder, you will notice its raw odor.


If you want to improve your dry herb sessions, we suggest investing in a grinder. Grinders make packing a bowl and rolling so much easier. Grinders save you time, bring out more flavor, and also do not let you waste a single bit of your herbs. Check out the Sutra 65mm Grinder and/or the Sutra 50mm Grinder. Our Sutra grinders are made from high-quality aluminum materials and come in a 4-piece compact tool. Savor the quality of your dry herbs, and think about using a grinder for your next session!